Dawn of a New Order

by MDM (Modern Digital Militia)

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released August 26, 2000



all rights reserved


MDM (Modern Digital Militia) St. Catharines, Ontario

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Track Name: Lock & Load
I'll tear you down like a renegade suicide
No inhibitions I've got no fear inside
No emotions just animosity
You are a victim of your own hypocrisy

I come strapped like a heavy machine
You see the laser light and you fall to your knees
Like a one-man genocide
With my scope between your eyes I'll


Place the strain but you will not hold me back
I'm primed for terror in an all-out blitz attack
You beg for help but I can't hear what you say
I guess you chose the wrong punk to fuck with today
Track Name: Chemical Whore
Chemical beads drip slowly
From my hands onto your skin
Enveloped within our substance
Cerebral pleasures multiplied with sin

Lay your hands upon me
Flash fire in the eyes of God
Taste the world below me
Submersed in wetness from your saviour's blood

I am your God
I have no fear
I am the beast
Who draws you near
I am machine
I am the sword
I'll fuck the world
I'm a chemical whore

As flames consume my body
The shadows dance behind a mask of sin
Playing games with all my senses
Beneath the blanket of amphetamine

I want you to destroy me
Spike me naked on your fucking cross
Tear me down with your hunger baby
Expose me to your raw malevolence
Track Name: Out Of Control
I'm a hard-edged animal, criminal, chemical maniac
I'm wired and I'm ready to go
Like a man on a mission, I'm itchin', I'm cryin', I'm dyin'
I'm on fire and ready to go

She said, you'd better take it easy
Cuz this life you lead will just wear you out
All the sex, all the drugs, all the girls, all the time
Will just wear you out

You'd better shut your mouth
Cuz I'm outta control
And ready to kill
You'd better watch yourself
Cuz I'm outta control
And ready to kill

I'm a fast-track clinical, cynical, mystical militant
I'm hard-wired, ready to go
Driven like a machine, it's a dream, it's a sin, from within
I'm alive and ready to go
Track Name: Burn (N.W.O. Mix)
Find time amidst all this confusion
To watch the truth unfold
From all this chaos comes delusion
Misleading ways of old

I've tried a thousand times
To let you talk me down
Fuck all this hatred
And the madness it surrounds

Burn - All conventions of hypocrisy
Burn - Fuel the fire, let it carry me
Burn - I breathe the truth for all the world to see
Burn - Release the power, let it bury me

Comprise the patterns for solution
Of power hear me speak
Offset the world for revolution
There's no hope for the weak

Step back a moment from illusion
Release yourself from greed
Inject my mystical infusion
For mankind I will bleed
Track Name: Lotek Biotik
Take you down, take you down for a ride
With terror in my eyes and a barcode smile
See the world through the eyes of a stranger
A simplified vision of the world on trial
Chrome skin and concrete backbone
A militant machine of mass destruction and greed
One step before its shutdown
A frenzied fucking climax for a world in need

Quick step we'll tear it down
Hard step we'll wear them down
Lotek biotik battleground

Break it down, break it down to the core
And build it up again for a brand new state
See the world through the eyes of a vulture
With vengeance in my heart and a passion for hate
Cold steel, electric insight
Integrity's a virtue that I won't let fall
One stop before its breakdown
Eradicate the weak and mark the path for us all
Track Name: Dark Star (Dawn of a New Order)
Force fed everything you've ever learned
They never cease to amaze me with the freedom they burn
They leave us fighting in a nation that is filled with hate
And then the wonder why the people will retaliate

Stand back I've got revolution in my eyes
One flip of the switch, another nation dies
Do they really think that this will be the end of us all
Do they really think that this will be the end

Fight back, feed the revolution
New order, new solution
Move forth to clear your minds
Of everything you ever chose to believe

I'm a freedom fighter, I'm a hard man
A new world order with a loaded weapon in my hand
Don't fuck with the Order cuz you know you'll lose
We offer knowledge and the public has the right to choose

Stand back I've got Armageddon in my eyes
One flip of the switch, another Christian fries
Do you really think that this will be the end of the world
Do you really think that this will be the end
Track Name: Bitter Christ
Last night in an era of hatred
I feel the metal pierce my skin
White light from an angel in heaven
I feel the fluid rushing in

One last night I shed my blood for the world

My hands are raised up to the sky
I pray the world won't let me die
I watch the world collapse
And it makes me so afraid
My hands are placed upon the earth
I'm waiting for the star's rebirth
I gave you everything
And it makes me so ashamed

Nailed down on a structure of anguish
A symbol for all the world to see
Tied and bound as an idol of freedom
A martyr for world unity
Track Name: Abbaddon (The Omega)
Blinded by this misdirection
Blistered hands are set to weep
Narrowed for some misconception
Tired eyes denied their sleep
Reality is far too shallow
Murderous thoughts stream from the heart
My sanity is far too shallow
Break my seams and watch me come apart

A tear streams along my face
To mark the end of our day
I've hoped for all my life
It wouldn't have to end this way
And now as time stands still
I wonder who I used to be
Can't fee my hatred anymore
It seems I've heard it all before
I find no hope or prayer in anything
That life could be

Lust infects my inhibitions
Sex and hate defile my soul
Secular and sacrilegious
Beyond the grip of self-control
Open fire and tear me down
Do just what your heart's desire
Watch the sky fall to the ground
And see the world engulfed in fire