Unified State of Aggression

by MDM (Modern Digital Militia)

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released January 25, 2003



all rights reserved


MDM (Modern Digital Militia) St. Catharines, Ontario

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Track Name: MkUltra
Step by step
Release the radiation
Driven by subconscious orders
Armed to the hilt
Subliminal terror
Idols fall and crumble
Under weight of their guilt

It's the sign of the times
It's the fruit of their arrogance
Mk Ultra
It's the sign of the times
It's the end of our innocence
Mk Ultra

Beat by beat
We hypnotize the nation
With disregard for ethos
Culture, faction or creed
Rhythmic and pulsing
In operation
Sweeping through a nation
Overwhelmed by their greed
Track Name: Kemikal Halo
Hazy yellow nightmare
Sickness scattered heart attack
Scathing acrid warfare
Screaming wings the sky turns black
Sharp flashes from all sides
View no other way to turn
Wipe the blood beneath my eyes
Now can't you feel the acid

Burn - you try to get away
Twist - you try to get away
Shake - you've got to find a way
Quake - to live another day

Close your burning eyes
Collapse and disappear
It seems we've lost all self control
Raise our fists against
The things which we most fear
This world is outs to take control

Fiery dour delusion
Blazing anxious minds despair
Draining thought confusion
Metal raining from the air
Bright flashes from all sides
Find no other way to turn
Wipe the liquid from my eyes
Now don't you feel the acid
Track Name: Aggression
What is this thought that burns inside
Just wait till all the pain subsides
I've got this god inside of me
I wish that god would set me free

Just take me to that place at heart
Sharp blades that rip my soul apart
This metal deep inside of me
Please crush my soul and leave me be

I'm so helpless
I'm so seedless
I've no feeling
I'm still bleeding

I hate therefore I'm still alive
Destroy myself I've fucking tried
You people never needed me
This selfish world won't set me free
Track Name: HMF
I got a new disease now
The kind you'd love to taste
I'll put your body at ease now
And put your mind to waste

Take a ride on the neon highway
Become a prisoner in the afterglow
All at once we're gonna do it my way
Release your mind and let your body go

Taste the fear as it blazes on the inside
Are you ready to go
Hard motherfucker
Feel the rage as it tears apart your inside
Are you ready to go
Hard motherfucker

I got a brand new game now
The kind you'd love to play
We're gonna do it for shame now
The sickness comes our way

I got an urge to own you
And be your world today
The sinful things I've shown you
Will take your mind away
Track Name: Means To An End
This life feels so motherfucking terminal
Wrapped in plastic, dropped and left for dead
Ostracized and branded as a criminal
This is what you wanted, this is what you get

I sense the hate
Burning in my eyes
I sense the hate
A thousand candles in the flaming sky
The hate
Dripping from my skin
I sense the hate
Seething from within
I sense it

This world seems so righteously antagonistic
Fear and anger reign with an iron fist
Looking far beyond, it all looks so simplistic
This is what they wanted, how could they resist

This place seems so empty and unbearable
Time and space collapse we cease to exist
Looking back in wonder at all our foolishness
This is what we wanted, how could we resist
Track Name: Visions Of Annihilation
The human race is mechanized
Altered thoughts control the masses
Destructive dreams that jeopardize
The state of the generation time surpasses

Visions of annihilation
Combat reality and cloud our minds
Apocalyptic fire sweeping down on the nation
Reverting us backwards to a primitive time

Vampires living in the western world
Manipulate our point of view
Civilized demons of the machine world
Crush our thoughts so we can't choose

Plagued by our belief in an unseen god
Praying for our wounds to heal
Cauterized flesh of religious fraud
Mechanical readings tech us how to feel

Risen from the ash of a dying world
A Christ-like figure appears to man
Dominant messiah of a weakened world
Computerized terror takes us once again
Track Name: Thru My Eyes
Just pawns in a war for oil and greed
Precision bombs deployed by dull minds
Focused on their mission for the blood they need
Bodies shredded by land mines

Face down, lying in the burning streets
A crying child calls out for her family
Daddy look what those soldiers have done to me
Why am I a victim, I thought we were supposed to be free?

It's one and the same
I just wish you could see it through my eyes
In a world full of sadness
I hope you know I can see right through your lies
It's one and the same
I just wish you could see it through my eyes
It's a part of your sentence
A part of this covert sick design

Forgot what humanity is supposed to be
Destroying people for profit
Take a look beyond the bureaucracy
Georgie boy is full of shit
Track Name: Hollow
I only wanted a tragedy
To show them all that they were thoughtless
I see the face of the enemy
When I emerse myself in darkness
I wake to find all the blasphemy
The infamy from which I'm hollow
The only thing that I ever need
I medicate myself to numb the pain

I don't want this
I don't need this
I can feel it slip away
You can't hurt me
You can't touch me
I don't need you anyway

Surround myself with catastrophe
To show them all that I was shameless
I see the face of calamity
When I project myself as blameless
Emerge to find the adversity
It's the penalty for this I'm hollow
The only drug that I ever need
Alleviate myself from all the pain

Submerse myself in profanity
To show them all that I was shameless
I see the face of insanity
When I collapse beneath the darkness
Arise to find the humanity
All the vanity of which I'm hollow
The only pill that I ever need
I medicate myself to numb the pain