Modern Digital Militia

by MDM (Modern Digital Militia)

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released April 18, 2008



all rights reserved


MDM (Modern Digital Militia) St. Catharines, Ontario

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Track Name: Das Ist Krieg (American Reich)
M16 red, white and blue
Stand up straight be strong and true
Give your life for Uncle Sam
Come on my son, just be a man

Stand back I'm the head of the nation
Terror is the tool and the innocent bleed
False flags to propel their salvation
Freedom is our vessel to perpetuate greed

Das ist krieg terminate mankind x2
Right wind brutality
All the world will bow to me
Das ist krieg terminate mankind

Nukes for oil and government
Pay no mind where money's spent
Soldiers fight and soldiers die
TV is here to wash the lies

Pave the way the American Reich
By grace of God we'll win the fight
Nations razed and live are lost
Death to all who ignore the cost
Track Name: Nothing
We let this life escape us
No hope for anything
We watch our Earth's destruction
It's a shame what ignorance can bring

Nothing, nothing
Everything reduced to nothing
Our final hour is of no surprise
Nothing, nothing
Everything reduced to nothing
And yet we advocate our own demise

This world is all we have
We live as though there's no tomorrow
Destroying all within our path
And when it crashes down
Our generations filled with sorrow
We'll consume until there's nothing left

All in the name of progress
Suffocate in vanity
Blackened space beneath our shadow
Our viral tendency
Track Name: Demander & Thief
In a nation built on corporate greed
We're taught to hate and the less fortunate bleed
In the name of freedom we terrorize
Now wave that flag and watch them die

Now the only real news today
Is another dead soldier from the USA
So many children are brutalized
By toxic fucking weapons falling from the sky

And we sit idly by absorbing all the lies from our TV's
Complacent in the sense that we believe the things they let us see
Innocent or ignorant, it all comes down to what you close to be
We need to stand and fight to free ourselves from this imperial greed

Propaganda on CNN
They sell us war as entertainment, tell us we can win
The war on terror is a war against freedom
Media will stream whatever shit they feed 'em

White-bred, spoon-fed demander and thief
How can you do the things you do without an inkling of grief?
Suppress the poor to satisfy the rich
You sick, sorry fascist fucking son-of-a-bitch
Track Name: Collapse
You don't know just what you've done to me
I stand alone inside this terrible dream
I tumble down and try to turn off the lies
Before you left I wasn't ready to die

The pain - Collapsing
It pulls me to my knees
The pain - consuming
It claims the air I breathe

You told me you'd never walk away
But now you leave me here with nothing to say
I break it down and try to keep it inside
Before you left I wasn't willing to die
Track Name: Silence & Pressure
I met you sitting in the corner at night
You whispered softly in my ear
And at that moment I knew I was alright
Your presence dried all my tears

I wonder what it is that keeps me alive
Silence and pressure from within
Drains me like the pouring rain
I swallow you like a slug from a .45
Sleeping as the poison rushes
Softly through my veins again

I love the way your eyes infected me
To taste your lips is all I need
This addiction slowly killing me
You're the only one for whom I bleed

Breathe life in me
I didn't want it this way
I just need it
Breathe life in me
You made me do it this was
Cuz I need you
Track Name: Theocracy
Trial by ordeal in the eyes of the church
Guilty of religious crime
Tailored for the righteous and for all it's worth
Waiting for a brilliant sign

Theocratic government controlling the land
Are we really free?
Death squad waiting at the drop of a hand
Are we really free?

Microchip salvation from your so-called god
Scapegoats murdered for religious fraud
Does anyone believe at all?

Blasphemers crucified for speaking the truth
Why fear what we cannot see?
While you church-goers anal fuck your burden of proof
Cuz you truly believe
Track Name: Bitter End
Heartless people tearing pieces from me
Pressure's on, no release from this pain inside
Mounting fear, I'm far to hopeless to see
Moments pass, I'll retreat from this hate and hide

I'll take it hard, forget the pain
Just burn me down and fan the flames
This never-ending fire destroys me
Time and time and again

I've been away so long that I can't find my way back home again
It's getting all to clear that I've become my one and only friend
With no one left to trust I stand alone with nothing to defend
I've no more left to give, It seems that I have reached my bitter end

Scathing visions scattered right before me
Heavy hands hold me down, I can't move at all
Rabid nightmares pulsing surges through me
Can't break away as I'm backed up against the wall